From Idea to Process Concept:
Multiscale analysis of kinetics and reactors

on-line course
August 23rd-25th, 2021
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Course Topic

Chemical Kinetics and Reactors

play a crucial role in industrial-scale, raw material conversion into products. Numerous factors must be considered when selecting an appropriate and efficient chemical reactor, in particular when complex heterogeneous reactions occur. Kinetic modelling is an essential tool for the design and optimization of chemical products and processes.

Kinetic Modelling

Kinetic modelling includes fundamental aspects such as stoichiometry, kinetics and thermodynamics in the analysis of chemical reactor behaviour. Microkinetic models help to consolidate the fundamental information about a catalytic reaction.

Interactive Tutorials

During this course with a focus of chemical reaction and reactor engineering, ex-cathedra sessions are alternated with interactive tutorials during which user-friendly software tools are used, e.g., KASTER and Athena Visual Studio.

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Organizing Committee and Tutors

This interactive course on chemical reaction and reactor engineering is organized by

Course Program

Three full days of chemical engineering

The course contains classical (on-line) lectures, alternated with interactive tutorials and group work.

Monday August 23rd, 2021
Intrinsic kinetics

Bench Scale Reactors
Reactor Types and their Corresponding Behaviour
Tutorial I: Intrinsic Kinetics Verification (with online available Eurokin tools)
Lab-Scale Data-Acquisition
Group work: Data analysis

Tuesday August 24th, 2021
(Micro)Kinetic modeling

Rate Equation Derivation
Regression Analysis
Presentation results data analysis and discussion
Introduction to Athena Visual Studio
Group work: rate equation derivation and model parameter estimation
social activity

Wednesday August 25th, 2021
Multi-scale modeling

Perspectives towards process-scale modeling
Presentation results rate equation derivation and discussion
Group work: parameter estimation, analysis and interpretation
Presentation results parameter estimation and discussion



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The course is intended for (junior) engineers and scientists from industry as well as academia with a background in chemistry or chemical engineering. The total number of participants is limited to 20 to maximise the benefit of the participants.

The course fee amounts to EUR 350 (excl. VAT) for students, EUR 450 (excl. VAT) for academia and EUR 600 (excl. VAT) for industrial participants and includes the course, course material, and the social e-activity

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